Tour de Frank Bouldering Festival

Alberta’s premiere bouldering festival has pivoted to a month-long, dispersed event this year due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. If you want to participate in the self-guided version of the Tour de Frank, print off the scorecard and head to Frank Slide between Sept. 19 and Oct. 19. During that time period, pick ONE single day and work your way through the climbs on the scorecard. At the end of the day, record the 5 hardest (and high-scoring) problems that you successfully completed. This will rely entirely on the honor system, so you must (1) only record problems you topped out on, and (2) only record problems from a single day of climbing – NO multi-day compilations.

Post your scores here! All you have to do is provide your name and category, list your top 5 problems (and the associated score), and your score total (the sum of the scores for your top 5).

Here is the 2021 Tour de Frank Scorecard, along with a mini-guide for the Interpretive Center Sector (includes the locations of all the problems that are on the scorecard), and a guide to finding the rest of the problems that are on the scorecard but not on 27Crags (there aren’t that many)!

This year’s Tour de Frank would have featured – for the first time – a number of fun lines from the City of Giants Sector, as well as the Ridge Sector (immediately north of the City of Giants and east of the Mushroom boulder). It likely isn’t as fun as the full-blown TdF, but at least you’ll be guaranteed to get nice weather!

Big shoutout to the 2021 TdF sponsors – thank you for your support!