Frank Slide Bouldering Guidebook

Getting it on to paper

One of the single most requested projects that SABA has upcoming is the development of a proper, full colour, paper guidebook with maps, problem descriptions, consolidated grading and recommendations for the region. SABA exec member and founder Trent Hoover is hard at work on this massive undertaking, which to our knowledge will be one of the largest guidebooks developed from the ground-up. It will have potentially upwards of 2000+ documented routes!

This is a really exciting project that SABA is looking forward to supporting, but it will require quite a bit of time and money to accomplish. You can help this goal become reality by giving a donation to SABA, which could help cover the costs of developing the book, and then you should pre-order a copy of the book once it is ready to order. Trent is definitely pouring his heart and years of work into this project, and we know its going to be incredible.

If you have any special skills or want to volunteer on any SABA project, make sure to Join SABA and get in touch to let us know!