We’re Stronger Together

WHY JOIN SABA? All major bouldering areas in Southern Alberta exist on lands owned either by the Government of Alberta or Private Landowners. In order to develop these areas and maintain open access for climbing in years to come, SABA was formed to negotiate and advocate on behalf of climbers. SABA can have a stronger impact and more strength at the negotiating table if we can demonstrate that climbers are a large, motivated, and unified community. To put it simply, our voice is stronger if we all speak together as one.

And have no illusions: we need a strong voice. Climbing is exploding in popularity, and we are increasingly existing in spaces where more attention is turned to climbing activity, and this attention is not always friendly to climber interests. From securing area access and avoiding closures, to working with government agencies to avoid problems before they arise, SABA is positioned as the representative of the bouldering community in Southern Alberta. As part of that community you can help shape our vision and direction by becoming a member.

Memberships are only $10.00 and last a lifetime. You can join by talking to a SABA representative at any SABA organized event or by emailing us at

Thank you for supporting bouldering in Southern Alberta.