Our Mission

Working Together to Shape the Future of Bouldering

The Southern Alberta Bouldering Association (SABA) is a registered non-profit society based out of Lethbridge and operating primarily in the Frank Slide area situated in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass.

In recent times climbing has exploded in popularity, and while the growth of our sport is exciting it means that conscientious and organized effort from climbers is required to ensure that climbing areas are developed in sustainable ways for both climbers and the environment.

To that end a group of like minded climbers have banded together and formed this organization, with the following mission statement:


  1. To promote bouldering and recreational climbing in Southern Alberta.
  2. To promote and assist with the development and maintenance of new and existing climbing areas in Southern Alberta.
  3. To promote climbing tourism in Southern Alberta.
  4. To advocate on behalf of climbers and climbing areas to government, land managers, private citizens, and any other related stakeholders.
  5. To facilitate events and support programs which promote climbing in Southern Alberta.
  6. To promote best management practices, environmental sustainability, and responsible stewardship of climbing areas.

SABA also serves an important role as the point-of-contact and advocate between the local bouldering community and non-climbing entities, such as Government agencies or private landowners who might have goals or interests that could impact climbing access or development. This lets us get ahead of the curve and try to manage potential problems and negotiate solutions before it results in climbing development and access being closed.

If any of the above sounds like it is in line with what you believe in, and you want to support the development of climbing in this amazing area, please consider showing your support by joining SABA or making a donation.