Frank Slide Development

Building Climbing Infrastructure

UPCOMING PROJECT: One of SABA’s future major project is lobbying for, planning and development of a loop trail through the Frank Slide and working with and lobbying local government and other stakeholders to allow it to be built. From SABA’s perspective, a proper trail is needed in order to increase accessibility to various climbing areas and the ease of mobility for hiking around in the slide to and from major boulder clusters.

Although no loop trail has been developed yet, with the increase in climbers to the area and the increase of other, non-climber visitors, it is clear that there is a need for such a project. Aspects of how this might come together are still unclear as the Government of Alberta is still in the process of passing the Trails Act which may or may not have implications for how SABA could approach a project such as this, but its an exciting project.

There’s no two ways about it, this will be a major undertaking. The Slide is a tough environment in which to move around, and in order to make travel safe and enjoyable through this area in the long run a proper trail is required. A proper trail is also the first building block for SABA’s other major long term projects, such as the development of a guidebook and the development of access points.

A lot of fundraising will be required, and even more volunteer hours of work and hard labour, but together we believe it will be possible! Show your support now by making a donation to SABA.